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5 Tips to Do Long Bali Cycling Ride Easier

There are many places to go for Bali cycling so sometimes, you just want to ride the whole day. However, going for a long ride is a challenge on its own so, you really need to make sure that you are up for the challenge. There are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for the long ride.

Tips to Do Long Bali Cycling Ride Easier

  1. Maintain your pace

I know that Bali offers a lot of amazing view that will get you excited during the ride. However, you want to last through the whole journey so you cannot go on full speed from the beginning.

It is better to maintain your pace and go at a speed that is comfortable for the long ride. Instead of focusing on speed, it is better that you focus on enjoying the sceneries. After all, the reason why you do cycling is to enjoy the amazing Bali nature.

  1. Do not forget to hydrate yourself

It is important to keep your stamina for the long Bali cycling ride by hydrating yourself and eat enough food. Prepare enough water for the whole ride and put it somewhere near. That way, you can easily reach it whenever you need.

Besides water, you also need foods. So, prepare something that you can take a bike while on the ride every now and then. This will give you extra energy boost before you stop for a full meal and enjoy tasty Balinese cuisine somewhere.

  1. Divide your route

We all know that the goal is to go for a full long ride. However, sometimes, it could be overwhelming. Instead of seeing it as a whole big route, it is better to divide your route into a few sections.

Bali has a lot of tourist spots that you can visit. So, you can divide the route using those spots. That way, you can focus on the next Bali cycling destination instead of the long route. It will also make you feel less stressed and able to enjoy the journey more.

  1. Move your body

When doing a long ride, your legs and other areas of your body might experience some pains. These comes from the pressure and the fact that you keeping the same position throughout the ride.

To avoid this, try to move your body every so often. Try to do a few shoulders roll or shrug to loosen them. Move your neck by seeing the beautiful Bali sceneries around you. There are plenty of small movements that can help you to stretch your body and legs.

  1. Use electric bike

If you want to avoid all of the problem that might happen during the whole journey, then you might want to use electric bike. This bike is powered so it can help you to cycle the bike. This means, you do not need to use too much power when pedaling. Thus, you will be able to focus more on your surrounding and be sure that you can safely arrived to the destination.

If you are interested, try to use Ebikes Bali service that can create the best experience for your Bali cycling tour.